Cyrus Shepard lives, eats and breathes SEO. He was the Head of the SEO and Content Team at Moz before he split off to start Zyppy and his eponymous SEO website.

Cyrus experienced a serious drop-off in traffic and rankings, losing 50% in 2 months. He found the root of the decline was lack of engagement SEO cannot overlook this important metric.

HOW TO: Focus on key engagement proxies & land higher ranking on SERPs.

1. Boost CTR by improving title tags

The 7 key parts of an excellent title tag: keywords, synonyms of keywords, numbers, a promise, dates, a character length of 55-65, and symbols. Try and incorporate at least 5 in every title tag.

Find great keywords and scope the competition for each one →


2. Lower bounce rate by minimizing load time

If loading time increases from 1-3 seconds, bounce rate goes up by 32%, 1-10 seconds and it increases by 123%. Higher speed = lower bounce rates = better ranking.

This chrome extension gives you a site performance score and suggestions on what to fix →


3. Increase dwell time by including exact search terms on your webpage and CTA buttons

If there’s a popular term your visitors keep searching for, prominently display it on your page so they don’t get confused and leave your site.

Look under “Performance” to find the exact terms your visitors are searching for →

Google Search Console

4. Focus on producing expert-level content in a specific vertical

The Google Medic update seems to favor sites that go deeper into a certain subject vs. sites that cover a broad range of topics.

Find the questions people are asking about your product or related products →


5. Include videos and pictures to increase your chances of landing above the fold

SERP real estate is increasingly scarce; only 1 plain text result made it above the no-scroll cut-off! Having videos on your site will also increase dwell time as they stay to watch the video.

But keep site speed in mind — compress pictures to improve load speed and let YouTube do the heavy hosting for videos →


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