Jon is the CEO and co-founder of Engagio. He was also the co-founder of Marketo but struck off on his own to focus on account-based marketing and sales development.

75% of executives respond to unsolicited marketing material if it contains thought-provoking, relevant information; marketers must zero in on accounts and personalize their experience.

HOW TO: Combine automation with personal touchpoints to close more accounts

1. Start by compiling all your accounts’ data from different platforms into a single place

Having all of the data in 1 place allows you to personalize each touchpoint with comprehensive research and ensures that solid leads won’t fall through the cracks of an unorganized system.

Start building a solid foundation of data for each of your account prospects/customers →


2. Treat collecting new contact data and updating your CRM as a full-time job

Some of this can be automated, but there’s a lot of digging that still needs to be done by people.

Find free contacts on LinkedIn, or buy contact information here →

Jon advises hiring a freelancer for basic data entry and updating contact information →


3. With this data, divide accounts into 3 tiers ordered by likelihood of sale, with 50 leads max in Tier 1

Tier 1 receives the personal campaigns with human interaction at each touchpoint; Tier 2 can be somewhat automated with only a few human touchpoints; Tier 3 is basically fully automated using email blasts, with no human touchpoints.

Keeping track of all this data will require a CRM. If you don’t already have one, get started here free →


4. Win over Tier 1 prospects by sending direct mail gifts & emails from executives inviting them to events

These gifts are inherently more engaging because customers know you aren’t doing it for everyone.

Help your executives keep their inboxes organized and enlist help for dealing with the onslaught →


5. Create an attribution system that prioritizes engagement and aligns sales and marketing teams

Engagio’s 5-step integrated play: 1 — buy ads; 2 — Line up sales team; 3 — Send a direct mail package; 4 — Send an email explaining package; 5 — Send multiple emails from sales, marketing & executives, building a relationship company-wide and answering questions.

An example scorecard to measure teams together →

Help your teams stay organized and streamline their new team processes →

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