Tyrona Heath is the global lead of market development at LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and has worked for over 10 years in media solutions with companies like Google and IBM.

Only 3% of cold calls lead to conversions; incorporate these cutting-edge tools that will get you up to speed.

HOW TO: Optimize your LinkedIn to close more deals.

1. Achieve Netflix-level customization by gathering and analyzing data on your website traffic

The website tag gathers data on visitors, spots patterns and fetches professional traits from LinkedIn to paint a picture of your key audiences.

Combine the data you collect with the information that visitors publish →

Website Demographics

2. Track decision-makers as they change companies

If you have a relationship with someone and they go to a new company, maybe you can make the sale again.

Sales Navigator’s Deals keeps track of key stakeholders and updates your CRM immediately →


3. Increase your connection acceptance rate by growing your network

Decision makers accept invitations to connect 51% of the time when they have a common connection with you.

Find popular content that your company posts and share it to make more connections →


4. Use InMail instead of regular email to get 57.5% open rates

Are you more likely to open a message in your cluttered inbox, or a direct message from a contact on LinkedIn?

Send messages to people who aren’t contacts→

Sponsored InMail

5. Package content into easy-to-understand presentations

You can even see who people forward your presentations to and add them to your circle of buyers and contact list.

The days of 5 attachments are over →


Full Presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGvIpxvn9OA