Ellie Mirman is the CMO at Crayon; her previous experience is as a leader in Hubspot’s marketing team and as VP of Marketing at Toast.

Marketers spend way more time monitoring themselves than their competitors. Online transparency gives you the opportunity to see your competition's inner workings — seize it.

HOW TO: Use your competitors’ published content to get ahead of them

1. Get organized: Start tracking the information they share online and identifying trends

Automatically track competitor mentions across the web and on social media →


2. Graph engagement across platforms and topics, then target the empty spaces

Which arenas are most competitive? Experiment with taking over the untapped or underserved markets.

Get notifications of competitor activity and engagement, plus comparison reports →


3. Check review sites and help articles to see what they’re promising unhappy customers

What are their customers complaining about? Can you offer a solution to them first?

Monitor all the top review sites in one place →


4. Check their job postings to see where they’re investing in their future

Do they want an SEO manager? Then they’re expanding efforts in that area. Hiring other experts in certain fields? Great, they just told you their strategy.

Employee reviews can also give you the real inside scoop→


Find the top job posting sites in your industry →

Industry Job Sites

5. Having intel isn’t enough, ACT on it by telling key team leaders what you found out

Pass along critical information so your teams can adjust their strategies appropriately.

Brainstorm and design multiple campaigns to prepare for every potential scenario by your competitors→

Zoho Projects on Slack

Full presentation https://calltoactionconference.unbounce.com/speakers/2018-ellie-mirman/