6 Strategies to Maximize Your Influencer Marketing

w To: Create authentic marketing by working with influencers. Presented by Ann Unger, senior team head of digital marketing at PUMA.

Ann Unger is the senior team head of digital marketing at PUMA and is responsible for creating their wildly successful Instagram campaigns targeting younger generations.

$1.6B of marketing spend is directed at influencer marketing — on Instagram alone. It’s more than just paying for posts; brands must create partnerships with passionate influencers.

HOW TO: Create authentic marketing by working with influencers

1. Create long-term relationships with your macro- and micro-influencers — no more pay-to-post

PUMA signed Jay-Z as a creative director, sponsored videos for dance groups like the Millenium Dancers, and sent shoes to their most active IG followers. Get involved with your influencers!

Find influencers who are passionate about your brand or industry and ensure they have a genuine followership →

Social Blade

2. Bring influencers to your headquarters to get buy-in from your executives

Trying to solicit more budget for stories that disappear in 24 hours is no easy feat. Putting faces to the promoters and allowing higher-ups to see their passion can help overcome the hesitation.

Instagram Stories includes engagement analytics on every clip, but you can create organized reports with →


3. Invite micro influencers to brand experiences and let them do an Instagram takeover

Ann sent Coachella prep packs to 200 influencers inviting them to show off Rihanna's shoe line in “everyday style” at the festival. They got over 7M impressions from 1 event.

You can also invite micro-influencers to hang out with a major influencer for the day, creating tons of content for future use and a day of high-quality Stories →

Start the video at 22:29

4. Post a new Story at least once a day to stay relevant and top-of-mind

Younger demographics spend an average of 2:15 a day on social networks, and Stories disappear after 24 hours; keep the content flowing!

Use these Story templates to make them look professional →


5. Create a hashtag to feed a 100% user-generated Instagram profile

PUMA did this with their women’s handle. Users hashtag their photos and your team selects their favorites to post to the profile, allowing an element of control over a flood of content.

PUMA Women

Try this to help moderate comments and control spam →

Smart Moderation

6. Give direction and set parameters, but let influencers have the freedom to create content that resonates with fans

“Go through a normal day, but wearing our shoes.” That’s all the direction PUMA gave Selena Gomez during one of her photo shoots and she went to it with behind-the-scenes Stories.

Compile data from all your online sources to take the pulse of your business and offer solid direction →


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6 Strategies to Maximize Your Influencer Marketing
6 Strategies to Maximize Your Influencer Marketing
6 Strategies to Maximize Your Influencer Marketing
6 Strategies to Maximize Your Influencer Marketing