Kate Richling is the current VP of Marketing at MediaMonks and has 8 years of experience as a marketing VP, CMO, and co-founder.

72% of businesses are more likely to buy from companies that are seen as experts in their field; drive growth by positioning yourself as a thought leader at every stage of the funnel.

HOW TO: Use expertise-based content marketing to drive growth through aligning your sales and marketing teams

1. Decide on 3-5 sales talk tracks that set your company apart and create content that establishes you as an expert

What problems does your company solve? What makes you unique? Your content at every level of the funnel needs to showcase your company as a unique and relatable thought leader on those topics.

Here are a few content categories for each step of the funnel (above, top, middle, bottom) →

2. Brainstorm 30-50 subtopics and keywords under each talk track and build out your publishing calendar

Use these subtopics to expand your content portfolio, but remember to relate each piece back to your industry expertise on those 3-5 key tracks.

Kate likes to get all of her ideas out in thought clusters. In the example below, emerging tech would be a talk track →

Stay organized with Kate’s editorial calendar →


3. Think outside the box when promoting new products to increase your chances of getting news coverage or going viral

Amazon Prime Video set up a VR course at Comic-Con and invited just 500 fans to go through it. With this single event, they made 75,000,000 social impressions and created a ton of content fodder for future promotion.

Jack Ryan VR

4. Add persona fields to your CRM so Sales can personalize their conversations with prospects

Nothing’s more flattering than when an industry expert knows and can speak to your personal experience. Kate has 6 main fields: 1) Who are they and what is their company role? 2) What are their goals? 3) Who are their influencers? 4) Challenges (how can I help?) 5) Age/education/location/income 6) Their story

Not sure which CRM to choose? Find the one that best deals with the 5 daily tasks that you hate most and let them handle it →




5. Create an SLA between the sales & marketing that helps them move prospects through the funnel together

SLAs clearly define each department’s responsibilities, organize handoffs, articulate goals, and outline good communication practices. This will help ensure that leads don’t fall through the cracks.

Make an interactive spreadsheet or dashboard that allows your staff to constantly refine the agreement →


6. Design a dynamic website that customizes each user’s experience according to their clicks

The U.S. Air Force used this type of personalized site and improved conversions by 60% →

Airforce How-To