<1% of your FB audience sees your unpaid content...Sorry

Although Facebook is a digital advertising medium at heart, they try not to be too obvious. FB features more posts from friends than from businesses—Thanks, Facebook!—but how are marketers supposed to get content in front of their audience?

Carlos Gil has your back!

After serving as the Senior Social Marketing Manager at LinkedIn and creating his own digital media company, Carlos isn’t just another pretty face in the marketing game. He gave a top-rated speech at DigitalSummit Philadelphia explaining the dos and don'ts of playing nice with the Facebook algorithm.

1. Stop linking outside of FB

FB wants to be a one-stop shop for all content (especially video), so linking to YouTube or any other site is a one-way ticket off the newsfeed. So, feed the beast and upload directly to FB. Carlos suggests creating a private VIP group; your followers will feel special and you can share as many links as you’d like!

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2. Rewards for captions

As you mindlessly swipe through your newsfeed during a meeting, are you more likely to watch a video with or without subtitles? Add captions to all of your videos to find a rare reward from the Algo Monster.

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3. FB Live actually works

Ya, I’ve already tried that…and no one showed up! It hurts, but you can’t beat Live when it comes to gaining direct exposure with your audience. Don’t wing it — plan out great content, schedule it, and HYPE it up!

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4. Stop asking for engagement

Ok, get engagement… no problem, I’ll just ask them to leave a comment! WRONG — If you ask people to comment directly in the post, the algorithm strikes again. Carlos recommends asking open-ended questions or creating posts that could spark interaction with your audience.

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5. Pay to play, you know this…

...but it's serious. If you don’t pay something to boost your posts, Carlos says 99% of your audience won’t see it — even if they “like” and follow your page. If a post isn’t worth at least a $10 boost then you should consider if it is even worth making.

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6. Like/respond, your activity counts

You know that a post with more engagement will rank better, but here is the hack: YOU COUNT! If someone leaves a comment, give it a “like” and respond back within a few minutes, this counts as three separate engagements even though you are ⅔ of them.

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