Andy Crestodina is the co-founder and CMO of Orbit Media Studios, helping businesses develop their digital marketing plans for nearly 18 years.

According to Andy, only .03% of blog visitors become customers — but that’s ok! Blog readers are usually only seeking information, but you can use that traffic to build site authority.

HOW TO: Beat 99% of the content programs you’re competing with

1. Tell visitors why they’re on your site; put your mission statement on your landing page

Marketers that document their mission statement are 3X more likely to meet their goals, yet only 28% of brands do it!

Follow this template to word your mission statement like a CTA →

2. Invite influencers to collaborate on a piece of content

Only 15% of B2Bs have an ongoing influencer marketing program. Simply ask them for a quote, feature them as an expert, or conduct a deep-dive interview with them.

Find popular influencers related to your brand and invite them to collaborate →


3. Try this pitch to an editor to win a guest post: “I wrote this article for you, here it is.”

Only 65% of bloggers are writing guest posts, yet editors are still swarmed with proposals. Put time and effort into writing the article. If it’s a strong, ready-to-go piece, then the choice is easy.

Use the competitor research function to reverse engineer what types of articles they want →

Buzzsumo Competitor Research

4. Publish original research to become an authority worth linking to

Only 45% of companies use this strategy. Write observational pieces covering something from a different angle, aggregation pieces compiling data, or conduct and publish a survey answering an unanswered question.

See the top questions people are asking →



Or scrape popular keywords and Google autocompletes for ideas →

Keyword Tool

5. Source content ideas from the FAQs that your sales team gets from users

Not only will it be useful content for your site, but the sales team will also have resources to forward to clients.

Send a simple survey out to your sales team, then sort the results by volume and tackle the most popular questions first.

6. Repost popular written content as a diagram or video

Be sure to link it to the original to keep building backlinks.

Keep this visual formatting in mind as you’re vying to stand out →

7. 28% of content teams are mission-driven, 47% anchored in research, 15% influencer-powered, 65% PR focused — only 1% of marketers do it all!

Integrate all of these into linkable content and you will be doing better than 99% of marketers.

Read through this calendar example, then follow the link to fill-in your own →

Make your own

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